Delve Into Delon

A Brief Bio

To give a little background about myself, I have been in the business of Project Management and System Consulting for the past 4 years. I have also been doing web design as favors and position roles for the past 5 years. Combining the 2, I bring a structured approach to your web design project so that there is a clear expectation for your project’s manageability and turnover.

How It Works



Before we even begin working on your project, we will lay out the technical and stylistic requirements of your website, to ensure the best version of your site is created. Are there any effects you feel you HAVE to have? Let's hear them.


Here, we will gather all materials used on your site, including any logos, royalty free pictures, and text used on certain pages and sections if desired. As we know things change, you are free to submit any additional things during the configuration as well.


UI Design

We design the site with the user interface always in mind, from the influence of color to the proven behavior of a web user, every section and page is designed with best UI practices..


During this time your site is being built! Depending on what things are being implemented, this usually can be 14-20 days. 2 revision periods are typically done as well.

Going Live


While the site is in development, I actually have Internal Testing going, but this is the stage where you get to test out the site as well. I will also implement our standard or premium optimization tools at this time. Once this is complete, your site will go live!


After your site has gone live, I host it on a fast, secure, SEO friendly backend. Alongside this, I also offer dedicated monthly time for any changes or updates to your site desired. Lastly, I will train you on the backend of WordPress, from how to make blog posts to any custom things in the backend you control.